Knockdrum Cashel, Farrandau

Map Reference: W172310 (1172, 0310)

Knockdrum Cashel is a hill-top circular stone fort. The internal diameter is about 22m and the wall is 2m high and 3m thick. Just at the entrance is a mural guard chamber. In the middle of the fort are the foundations of a rectangular house with a souterrain leading from one edge. The souterrain is stone-lined at the start and rock-cut further in. It is closed by a heavy iron grid.

Just inside the entrance of the fort is a pillar stone, 145cm high by 35cm wide and 16cm thick. On the N face is a deeply incised Greek cross about 20cm high and 20cm wide. On the S face is a silmilar but cruder cross. Just outside is a flat boulder with a large number of cupmarks. It measures 1.6m by 1.36m and 13cm thick. The decoration includes 25 cup-marks, one dumbbell motif and two cup-marks with penannular circles.

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