Map Reference: R764177 (1764, 1177)

This is the site of an ancient monastery named after St Mo-Laga of Timoleague. However the remains here are unlikely to be older than 9th or 10th century. Within a dry-stone wall are the remains of two churches. The smaller church to the south has antae and a trabeate west doorway.

Both churches are built of red sandstone.

Between the churches is a large slab with a ring-headed cross on the west face and another cross on the east face. Both crosses are in relief and occupy most of the available space. The stone is about 140cm high by 100cm wide.

The larger church is rectangular with an annex at the east end. Both sections feature south doorways. The walls are less than 1m high.

On a visit in 1988 I noted, outside the east wall of the larger church, a small cross-inscribed stone about 110cm high by 30cm wide and 10cm thick. It had a ring-headed cross with a cross-shaped shaft. This stone was not visible in 2010. About 80m south of the enclosure is a group of four standing stones. They may be the remnants of a megalithic tomb.

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