Liscarroll Castle

Map Reference: R452125 (1452,1125)

Liscarroll Castle was built in the 13th century possibly by David Oge Barry. It has the remains of three round flanking towers and the base of a fourth.

There is a large rectangular gatehouse in the south wall with a small square tower in the middle of the opposite wall. The gatehouse has the channel for a portcullis and the flanking towers have good narrow defensive slits set within deep recesses.

The tower in the NW corner has a mural stairway leading up from the first floor. A spiral stairway leads to the first floor of the gatehouse and a straight stair leads to the second floor. Another spiral stairway leads up to a garderobe with a good latrine chute and to a room at the top which has a small corner fireplace. There are some slopstones at this top level.

In 1625 the castle was acquired by Sir Philip Perceval but it was taken by Lord Castlehaven in a siege in 1642. It was returned to the Percevals during Cromwellian times and remained in the possession of their descendants, the Earls of Egmont, for many years.

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