Mallow Castle

Map Reference: W563983 (1563, 0983)

Mallow Castle was bult by Sir Thomas Norreys in the late 16th century.

It is a rectangular house running approximately E-W, with a four-sided projection in the middle of the north and south walls. There are five-sided projections at the north-east and north-west corners.

The house has very many mullioned and transomed windows as well as some small musket loops. The doorway is in the east face of the north projection.

There are a number of fireplaces, some within the projecting towers.

The house is three storeys high and there seems to have been a stairway within the north-east tower.

The castle was besieged by Mountgarrett in 1642, but Jephson, a son-in-law of Norreys, resisted successfully. Three years later it was taken by Lord Castlehaven and abandoned some time after this.

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