Monkstown Castle

Map Reference: W766662 (1766, 0662)

Monkstown Castle was built by Anastasia Archdeacon in 1636 while her husband was away at sea. She deducted the cost of the masonís board and lodgings from the total cast and found that she had paid only 4d for the whole castle. The building stands overlooking the south entrance of West Passage of Cork Harbour. It consists of a rectangular three storey block with central gables. At each corner there is a square four-storey tower with a gabled attic. It has a total of twenty gables and is similar to the fortified house at Mount Long in the same county. Unlike Mount Long, Monkstown Castle has rectangular bartizans at the top of the outer corners of each of the flanking towers. The building is being restored (July 2010)

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