Mount Long Castle

Map Reference: W676511 (1676, 0511)

Mountlong Castle was built by John Long in 1631 and, according to tradition, it was burned by its owners around 1643.It is a rectangular block with square towers at each of the corners. The W wall of the main block and most of the SW and NW towers have collapsed but otherwise the house stands to full height.

There were gables on top of each elevation of the main block and of the corner towers (20 gables originally, 12 gables remaining). There are string courses at each floor level of the remaining walls and rectangular chimney stacks on top of the N gable of the SE tower and the S gable of the NE tower.

The entrance is through a central doorway in the E wall of the main block. The door has a large lintel with a two-order elliptical arch. There are many rectangular windows, some with mullions. Some of the windows and doorways have remains of the original wooden lintels, some of which have signs of burning. Most of the windows have external hood mouldings with stepped terminals.

Some More Photos of Mount Long Castle

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