Oldcourt Castle

Map Reference: W083320 (1083, 0320)

The castle at Oldcourt consists of a tower-house and remains of a bawn. The pointed doorway leads into a large vaulted room lit by a small slit. There are no stairs but an irregular hole in the vault probably marks the access point to the upper storeys. It is known that a mural stairway rises in the north wall from the first floor. This changes toa spiral stairs in the NW corner to give access to the second and third floors. There are traces of another vault over the third floor. The castle seems to be four storeys high at present but there are traces of a further storey. The building is in general poor condition and is situated at the water’s edge on a rocky promontory. There are good remains of the bawn but much of it is hidden by modern buildings. This is an O’Driscoll castle which was taken by Crown Forces after the Battle of Kinsale.

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