Auglish Stone Circles and Alignments

Map Reference: C662043 (2662, 4043)

I visited this site in 1984 at which time I took these photos and made the following observations.

'A stone circle was investigated. It is about 10m diameter and is made of many small stones. There are some stones within the circle. Just outside is a standing stone about 140cm high. On the opposite side of the circle and about 10m distant is a single outlier. About 30m from the circle are the remains of another circle of similar size but with many fewer stones and less complete. It has a tangential alignment about 15m long which is double in places. On the other side of the circle is a second alignment about 17m long. There are many other stones in the region around the circles but they form no definite pattern.'

Davies reported in 1939 that there were five circles, two of which had alignments.

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