Carnanbane Wedge Tomb, Ballybriest

Map Reference: H763883 (2763, 3883)

This wedge-tomb stands about 100m S of Ballybriest Dual-Court Tomb. The name Carnanbane seems to apply to all the megalithic structures in this area. It is about 5.5m long by 3.5m wide at the front and consists of a single chamber covered by two capstones. One of the capstones is about 1.8m by 1.2m and the other is 1.7m by 1m. The sides of the chamber appears to be formed from two single stones but surrounding peat obscures some of the detail. There is a back-stone but it is almost completely buried. The two portal stones are at the SW edge and are higher than the other stones. The entrance is just over 1m wide.

There was another wedge tomb just on the other side of the roadway. It was slightly smaller than this monument and retained most of its kerb. It was demolished in 1997 ahead of quarrying. For a detailed excavation report see Ulster Journal of Archaeology (3rd Series) Vol 60 2001 p9. The following two photos were taken of the destroyed monument in 1981

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