Ballynascreen Old Church

Map Reference: H730907 (2730, 3907)

This is a very early church site but the church ruin as it stands now is probably late medieval, with reused material .The site has strong traditions of St. Patrick & St. Columba, but these are not well documented. It is mentioned in the Annals in 1132 and 1204. The church has a large round-headed south doorway. In the east wall is a tall round-headed ambry, and there is a small square ambry near the east end of the south wall. Near the east wall is a large stone with two bullauns. There are putlock holes in the east, both interior and exterior. The graveyard has a fine collection of late 18th and early 19th century gravestones. This includes many with raised-letter inscriptions and carved winged heads. One stone looks like a small round-headed stumpy-armed cross with raised lettering and a 1714 date. In the SE corner of the graveyard is a small church-shaped tomb. It is badly damaged on the eastern side and may be a small mortuary house or an ossuary.

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