Cloghnagalla Wedge Tomb, Boviel

Map Reference: C730078 (2730, 4078)

This U-shape cairn has good outer walling and a straight facade at the front. It is 8.4m long and 5.1m wide at the front, tapering to 2.5m at the back. The gallery is divided into two by a septal stone and two uprights. The antechamber is 1.8m long and 1.65m wide. The burial chamber is 4.6m long. Two of the lintels remain in place towards to rear of the gallery, one of them rests on the back-stone. Excavation in 1938 revealed neolithic pottery, flint flakes and tools, as well as the cremated remains of a possible female adult. Most of the pottery seems to date to the Late Neolithic but one of the sherds was Bronze Age.

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