Brackfield Bawn

Map Reference: C511097 (2511, 4097)

Brackfield bawn was built on land granted to the Skinners Company after the Flight of the Earls in 1607. It is shown in a drawing by Thomas Raven illustrating a survey of 1622. It is an almost square bawn with round flanking towers at the north and south corners. The remains of a house have been found along the SW wall but none of the house survives outside the wall. There are traces of a later house occupying the SW third of the bawn. Both the flankers and the curtain wall are well-provided with gun-loops. The entrance was through a gateway in the NE wall. Excavation revealed bricks, tiles, medieval and 17th century pottery as well as a Bronze Age urn, some flint flakes and two fragments of cremated bone.

The bawn in the Ulster History Park is based on Raven's drawing and on the existing remains at Brackfield.

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