Carnanbane Court Tomb

Map reference: C671059 (2671, 4059)

At the north end of the cairn is a semi-circular court which leads to a two-chambered gallery. The court is about 5.5m wide. The arms are well-represented although built of low stones. The portal-stones are about 1.2m high and set 60cm apart. The first chamber measures about 3.5m by 2.5m. It is separated from the second burial chamber by a pair of jamb-stones similar in size to the portal-stones. This chamber is about 3m by 2.2m. The large stone lying within the first chamber may be a displaced capstone. There are extensive traces of the cairn which is round rather than long. Three standing stones project from the cairn on the west side of the gallery. The cairn is greatly encroached-on by dumping and field clearance. Most of the modern material is on the east side.

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