Dunalis Souterrain

Map Reference: C804306 (2804, 4306)

This souterrain is situated just to the west of a small reservoir. The present entrance runs down vertically via a manhole cover. The original entrance is now below the high water level of the reservoir. Excavation of the souterrain in 1934 showed it was T-shaped in plan. However only the long straight outer section is now accessible.

This is divided into three chambers which are in an approximate straight line running E-W for over 20m. The chambers are divided by rising-hole creeps. Near the inner end of the second chamber there is a right-angle bend to the left. At this corner there is a creep to the right which gives access to the third chamber.

A lintel in the roof of the 2nd chamber bears an Ogham inscription, showing the souterrain could not be earlier than the Early Christian period. Beyond the third chamber is a long transverse passage which is now filled in. Sherds of souterrain ware were found in it.

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