Eglinton Market House

This market house was built in 1825 for the Grocers’ Company. There is some confusion as to the identity of the architect. In March 1823 a payment was made to M A Nicholson for plans of a Session House. However, the Company’s surveyor at that time was Henry Varnham. Nicholson may have been simply the draughtsman. Joseph Gwilt succeeded Varnham in December 1823 and may have had some part in the design of the market house. It was opened in 1825 and replaced the old session house which was described as ‘little better than a cottage, only one storey high consisting of three rooms’. The new market and session house was a square building. It had an open arcade of three round arches on the ground floor. This was echoed on the first floor where each bay had a recessed round-headed window. When the market house became a bank the arcade arches were blocked by round-headed windows and a doorway of similar style to the upper windows. The building is now derelict.

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