Tullybrisland Cross, Greysteel

Map Reference: C561209 (2561, 4209)

Photographed in 1985

This little crude schist cross is known as the Tullybrisland Cross. It is about 90cm high by 65cm across. The shaft is about 40cm wide and 25cm thick. The head is very small giving the monument a T-shape rather than a cross. On the north face, on the left side, it has been partly carved to accentuate the cross shape. On the right a large portion of the face has fallen away. This may have happened during carving and may be the reason why the cross appears to be unfinished. The cross stands within a small barbed-wire enclosure but during recent years the whins and other plants have been allowed to grow unchecked. This makes examination and measurement of the structure very difficult.

Photographed in 2009

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