Magilligan Martello Tower

Map Reference: C661388 (2661, 4388)

Magilligan Martello Tower stands in Doaghs Lower townland near Magilligan Point. It was built between 1804 and 1812 to guard against Napoleonic invasion. In common with the rest of the Irish martello towers it is built of dressed stone. Many of the English towers are of brick. The tower is 10m high and 12m diameter, tapering slightly upwards. The doorway, at first floor level, which is overhung by a large corbelled projection, is reached by a modern iron stairway. It leads to a large domed room which is divided by a curving wall. The smaller section has a fireplace. A hole in the floor reveals a lower chamber which may be reached by a mural stairway. This chamber has a brick-vaulted ceiling and is divided into three. There is a fireplace in the largest section. A trapdoor in the wooden floor leads to the basement but this is not accessible. The stairway leads upwards to the over-door projection and the roof. There is a rail running the full perimeter within a parapet wall. This portion of the tower has been rebuilt and this rail may be part of a gun emplacement.

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