Moneydig Passage Tomb

Map Reference: C889165 (2889, 4165)

This small megalithic tomb is known locally as ‘The Daff Stone’. It consists of a roughly circular cairn planted with some trees. It is about 12m diameter and less than 1m high. Near the centre is a single polygonal chamber. This is composed of seven closely fitted rectangular uprights. They support a basalt capstone about 1.8m long by 1.1m wide and 40cm thick. The capstone is set almost level with the surface of the cairn and the chamber is about 1.2m deep. There are several small stones jammed under the capstone but these appear to be modern additions. They may simply be used to block the gaps to prevent small objects from falling into the chamber. The monument is classified as a passage tomb although it does not have a passage. In this respect it is similar to the Co Antrim tombs at Clegnagh, Lemnagh Beg and Craigs, among others. A low stone at the NE side may mark the entrance.

The interior of the chamber

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