Tamnyrankin Court Tomb

Map Reference: C834103 (2834, 4103)

This is a very fine court tomb orientated NW-SE with the court at the SE end. It is set in a cairn about 25m long by 10m wide. The court is about 5m wide by 7m deep and leads to a small antechamber about 1m by 1.5m. The gallery has two chambers each about 1.5m square. There are a number of corbel stones in place. At the back of the cairn a passage, about 1m wide, runs the full width of the cairn. This may have been two subsidiary tombs with the dividing stones now missing. There are a number of kerbstones visible and a great deal of cairn material present. However the cairn is greatly overgrown and much of the detail is obscured. It was excavated in 1940. Finds included late Neolithic decorated bowls, flint tools and a cremation of an adult human. About 100m south-west are three standing stones less than 1m high. These may be the remains of another tomb.

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