Burt Castle, Grange

Map Reference: C317193 (2317, 4193)

Burt Castle, in Grange townland, is three storeys high. There are traces of a vault above the ground floor and circular flanking towers at the NE and SW corners. The SW flanker contains a spiral stairway which is damaged but can be climbed. The doorway was probably in the south wall where there is a large gap and it would appear to have had a guard room. Above this area is another room which had a vaulted ceiling as had the room above that. The stairway above the first floor is very fragmentary and access to the upper rooms was not possible. The stair is lit by many small square-headed loops.

The upper main room has at least one small single-light window and it may have had a fireplace in the east wall. There are a number of damaged window openings throughout the building but all worked stone has been removed. The NE flanker contains some small rooms. The lower one has a very fine corbelled ceiling. There is a latrine chute exit at the base of the north wall. This apparently leads from a window recess at the first floor.

Illustration from the Dublin Penny Journal 1833

The following monochrome images of Burt Castle were taken in 1975

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