Carrowmore Monastic Site

Map Reference: C516456 (2516, 4456)

The West Cross

The West Cross

The Carrowmore Ecclesiastical Complex has been identified as Both Chonais, an early monastic site. It consists of a series of monuments divided by a modern a modern road, but obviously originally a single large unit. To the west of the road is a rectangular enclosure within which is a tall plain cross over 3m high. The entrance to the enclosure is defined by two jamb-stones about 1.5m apart. The enclosure is divided by a grassy bank near the north end. Near this division is a flat boulder with a deep rectangular socket, possibly a cross-base, and a slab with two transverse grooves. Near the road is a slab with an inscription looking like a sword beside a circle. On the east side of the road is another plain cross about 3m high and near it is a boulder with a bullaun and a small cross.

The East Cross

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