Castlebane Corn Mill

Map Reference: B998355 (1998, 4355)

I visited this mill in 1987. The trip started badly because I left all my photographic equipment at home. I had to buy a cheap substitute camera which, unfortunately, was not up to the job. This is the only usable image that I have. I haven't had the opportunity to return so the following notes refer to the mill as it was in 1987.

"A mill was investigated. It has a good waterwheel about 6.5m diameter, with wooden buckets and a metal rim and spokes. It is high breast-shot and is enclosed by a roofless outshot from the mill. There are some traces of the flume and tailrace. The mill is three storeys high by five bays long and two bays deep. The gearing from the wheel may be seen at the ground floor and there is also a grain elevator. At the first floor there were two sets of stones. One of these has been removed. A section of the building houses a corn kiln and the perforated drying floor is intact."

A return visit is long overdue. According to Google the building still stands, but it has lost a few slates.

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