Croaghbeg Court Tomb

Map Reference: G645751 (1645, 3751)

This impressive tomb is set in a cairn 36m long by 16m wide. At the NW end is a full court about 10m diameter which leads to a N-S two-chambered burial gallery. The first impression is one of size.

The gallery is of massive construction. A huge lintel spans the entrance to the chambers and there are many large corbelled roofing stones still in place. The chambers are divided by well-defined jambs and sillstones. When complete the height of the roof must have exceeded 2m. This reinforces the belief by many scholars that court tombs were meant to be entered after completion and were not merely depositories for bones.

The court, at either side of the entrance, is built of large blocks laid on two courses. At the NW, beside the entrance to the court, is a single subsidiary chamber. Excavation finds included a range of flint implements among which were a hollow scraper, end scrapers and knives.

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