Doon Fort, Drumboghill

Map Reference: G700980 (1700, 3980)

Doon Fort is also known as 'The Bawan' or 'O Boyle's Fort'. It is an oval stone fort which occupies most of a small island in Doon Lough. The wall is about 5m high and 4m wide at the base. A short section on the north-west has recently collapsed.

Mural passages occur on either side of the entrance. On the left an opening at ground level gives access to a passage about 8m long, rising by a flight of steps to the top of the wall. It is very narrow and a little over 1m high.

The passage on the right is entered above ground level. It is about 6m long and lower and narrower than the other passage. At its inner end it turns through a right angle forming a low creep which opens at the base of the interior of the cashel wall face. Inside the cashel are four flights of steps leading to the top of the wall which has a low parapet around its outer edge. The cashel walls are covered in lichen and ivy and have an overall green appearance.

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