Farranmacbride Court Tomb

Map Reference: G534855 (1534, 3855)

Farranmacbride is a very fine centre-court tomb. A farm lane with stone walls runs NW-SE through the middle of the court and many of the court stones in this area are missing. The court is about 20.5m long by 10m wide.

There are two two-chambered galleries running off the court at the SW and NE ends and single subsidiary chambers at the N, E and S corners. There may have been a fourth subsidiary chamber at the W corner but this area has been largely destroyed by the building of a field wall. There is one lintel in place and several displaced lintels in the SW tomb.

At the NE tomb there is a displaced lintel and another lintel and a capstone in place. The subsidiary tomb at the E has a capstone in place. There is a great deal of cairn material. The total length of the cairn is about 60m and the court is reckoned to be the largest in Ireland.

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