Straid Souterrain, Glencolmcille

Map Reference: G532850 (1532, 3850)

This souterrain is entered by a shaft about 2m deep close to Glencolmcille Church of Ireland. At the bottom on the south side is a lintelled doorway about 1m high and 50cm wide. This leads by two steps to the central chamber which is about 6m E-W and 2.5m N-S. It is about 1.6m high.

At the SE corner is a doorway about 1m high and 50cm wide which leads to the east passage. This is about 6m long and less than 1m wide, with an average height of just over 1m.

In the centre of the west wall of the central chamber is a doorway about 40cm above the floor of the central chamber. It is about 90cm high and 40cm wide. It leads to the west passage which is about 9m long and just over 1m high. Just inside the doorway the passage widens to about 1.3m but for most of its length it is about 1m wide.

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