Kilbarron Wedge Tomb

Map Reference: G848647 (1848, 3647)

Kilbarron Wedge Tomb is well preserved. It has an antechamber about 1.3m wide and 2m long. This is separated from the main burial chamber by a septal slab. The burial chamber is about 4m long by 1.2m wide at the front. It narrows to less than 1m wide at the rear. Some corbel stones rise above the sidestones and support two overlapping roof lintels. There is another displaced lintel. The outer wall at the N side is represented by seven stones which decrease in height from about 1.7m at the W to about 50cm at the E. The S outer wall is less complete. The structure is about 8m long and varies in width from about 4.7m at the W end to 1.7m at the E.

Close to this grave is a cashel (G851648). There are substantial remains of a stone wall but the site is greatly overgrown.

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