Kilclooney More Portal Tombs

Map Reference: G723698 (1723, 3698)

In Kilclooney More there are two portal tombs. In the larger tomb the portal stones are about 1.7m high and between them is a doorstone about 50cm high.

The sides of the chamber are of single slabs and there is a backstone between them. The roofstone is over 4m long and it rests on the portals and on a small stone on top of the backstone. About 10m away is a much smaller tomb of similar design but with a lintel above the portals.

Both tombs lie within the remains of a long cairn about 25m long.

About 1km SW of these tombs is another small portal-tomb (G713964).

The surviving portal stone, the two sidestones and the backstone protrude only about 50cm from the surrounding mound. The horizontal capstone is about 2m long and 1.5m wide by 35cm thick. The burial chamber is 1.4m long by 1.2m wide.

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