Kilmonaster Middle Passage Tombs

At least 12 passage tombs are known to have existed in Kilmonaster but only two have survived.

The first is a small single-chambered tomb (H272975 [2272,3975]) with a displaced capstone which originally stood on four orthostats. The OS records of the mid-19th century note that a large quantity of human bones was found here. Nearby is a much larger structure (H273975 [2273,3975]). Near one edge of a tree-grown cairn is a cruciform passage-tomb. It is about 7m long and 1m wide and the total width at the cross is about 4m. There is one capstone in place in the north chamber and a displaced capstone beside the east end. There are two well-defined portal-stones at the west end. The cairn is about 20m diameter and some of the large quartz kerbstones are visible.

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