Malin More Portal Tombs

Map reference: G502825 (1502, 3825)

To the south of Malin More village is a group of six portal tombs. They form a line about 90m long with two large tombs at the E and W ends and four smaller tombs in between.

The most westerly tomb is the best preserved. The portal stones are about 2.5m high although the north portal stone is broken. Two capstones are visible but the front one is displaced. There is a gabled backstone. A stone about 2.5m high stands just outside the south portal. This is a feature found at some other portal tombs e.g. Ticloy, Co Antrim and Tirnony, Co Derry. Such features suggest that portal tombs may be derived from court tombs, although excavation does not provide further evidence of a court associated with a portal tomb.

The most easterly tomb is greatly confused. The backstone, a sidestone and a large capstone can be easily seen but the portals appear to be hidden beneath the capstone and other displaced stones. The portal stones would be about 2.5m high when erect. The tomb is encroached on by field boundaries. The stones of the smaller tombs are greatly deranged but portal stones, capstones and backstones can be found.

About 100m W of the group is a standing stone more than 1m high. It is triangular in plan at the base, about 50cm by 50cm by 25cm. It stands at the edge of a low circular cairn about 3m diameter.


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