Raymunterdoney Old Church

Map Reference: B955333 (1955, 4333)

This church is usually called Ray Church and may have existed before the 17th century when it was repaired or rebuilt. It is a simple rectangular structure with four round-headed windows in the south wall, a blocked east window and a pointed west doorway. Attached to the inside of the north wall is a tall cross with some possible decoration on the east arm. It has a very narrow ring. At the base are three perforated stones which may have been millstones but they are very roughly finished. One of the perforations seems to be helical and another of the stones has been adapted as a cross base. A number of carved fragments have been set up inside the south windows. These may have come from an earlier structure. A short distance to the south-west of the church is a stone with a large bullaun. A standing stone at the north-east corner of the graveyard is at least 2m high by about 1m wide and 15cm thick.

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