Ardglass Railway Station

Map Reference: J556376 (3556, 3376)

I have been trying to discover when Ardglass railway station was built but so far with little success. The line was built after 1866. It was closed in 1950. The site is now quite dilapidated but must have been quite impressive in its day. The buildings along the platform consist of a four-bay two-storey block flanked, on the west side, by a two-bay single-storey block, and, on the east side, by a three-bay single-storey block. This is in turn flanked by a three-bay single-story block running at right angles to the main range. This end block has a single-storey east porch. The high block had a canopy covering the platform but there is now no trace of this. A short distance west of the station is a dark-stone goods shed or engine-house. There was also a signal cabin but that has now gone.

The East Porch

Detail of one of the windows

The Engine Shed

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