Audley’s Castle

Map Reference: J578506 (3578, 3506)

This 15th century tower-house is named after the 16th century owner, John Audley. It stands on a small hillock with a steep drop to the lough below.

The three-storey tower is vaulted above the first floor. Flanking towers project towards the south-east from the south and east corners. These towers are connected by an arch at roof level. This acts as a machicolation and the doorway at the base of the south tower is well protected. The entrance leads to a small lobby and a spiral stairway rises to roof level. A murder-hole leads from the stairway to guard the entrance to the ground floor room.

The other corner tower has latrines at the first and second floors. There is a double latrine chute exit at the base of the north-east wall close to the east corner, The castle originally stood at the north corner of a bawn but only the foundations of this now remain.

The corbelled ceiling of one of the small chambers

A slop-stone

One of the small corner Turrets

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