Ballyalton Court Tomb

Map Reference: J531448 (3531, 3448)

The court tomb at Ballyalton is surrounded by a thorn and bramble thicket making exploration difficult. Six stones survive from an eastern court. Two of them act as portal stones leading to a two-chambered gallery. Many of the gallery stones survive. The maximum height of any of the stones is about 1m.

Excavation in 1933 revealed the fragmentary bones of at least seven individuals and potsherds of at least 20 vessels. These appear to have been rimmed and decorated bowls. The term "Ballyalton ware" was applied for many years to similar vessels from other excavated sites. Numerous worked flints were also found including a lozenge arrowhead, several plano-convex knives and some hollow scrapers. Caches of worked flint including chipped axes were found in the sockets of two of the court stones.

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