Giant's Ring, Ballynahatty

Map Reference: J327677 (3327, 3677)

This large circular enclosure is about 200m diameter. The bank is about 20m wide and 4m high. Excavation has shown that the bank is built of gravel and small boulders, retained on the inner edge by a revetment of boulders and on the outer edge by a low clay bank. Building material was obtained by skimming the surface of the enclosed area. Flint flaking was carried out in the shelter of the bank soon after its completion. Just to the SE of the centre of the enclosure is a megalithic tomb.

Five basalt uprights enclose a polygonal chamber roofed by a single capstone. There are several other large stones but they are not deeply seated and their original position in the structure cannot be determined. Excavations in recent years of the field to the N of the monument have found evidence of several large circular wooden structures which may be associated with the Giant's Ring. They may also represent a major necropolis where excarnation was the main process.

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