Harris's Mill, Ballynahinch

Map Reference: J373517 (3373, 3517)

This is a three-storey building measuring 6.6m by 11.7m. It is joined by an archway to a kiln which measures 11.7m by 7.2m. According to the carving on the keystone over the doorway the mill was built in 1816 by D. Ker. The kiln was added a year later.

The mill is worked by an iron breast wheel 5.1m in diameter and 1.5m wide. It is currently in use (1993) for producing animal feed. Adjoining the mill on the south is a scutch mill built in 1820. The water-wheel from this mill is gone but inside is a flax-breaker by MacAdam Bros & Co., Belfast, Ireland.

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