Ballynoe Stone Circle

Map Reference: J481404 (3481, 3404)

This large monument was partly excavated in the 1930s. There is large stone circle containing at least 50 stones placed close together with several large gaps. They range in size from about 60cm to 1.8m high. The circle is about 34m diameter.

Within it is a long, low, oval cairn bounded on the east side by an arc of about 25 low stones and on the west side by a short arc of 5 stones. Excavation uncovered a rectangular stone cist at each end of the mound with cremated bones. Dating evidence is scarce and it is possible that the cairn and the circle may not be contemporary. A Late Neolithic or Early Bronze Age date seems likely.

There are several outliers, four of which form a rough N-S alignment. A low pair of outliers to the W may also be significant.

Some Recent (May 2012) Photos of Ballynoe Stone Circle

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