The Drumadonnell Cross, Castlewellan

Map Reference: J342362 (3342, 3362)

This is a replica of a cross which seems to have stood in the old graveyard at Drumgooland until 1778, but not all scholars agree about the location. The original is now in store. Harris gives a good description of the cross in 1744. For many years it was built into the gable of Drumadonnell National School, Moneyslane. In the late 20th century is was moved by the Environment and Heritage Service to their repository in Castlewellan for safety. This replica has been erected in the Upper Square, Castlewellan. It was originally a granite monolith on a granite base. It has a solid recessed ring, 96cm diameter, and is 2.6m high and 1.57m wide at the arms. The shaft and arms are 40cm thick. At the centre of the head is a rosette with eight small bosses enclosing a central one. These are bounded by interlace which extends along the arms and the shaft.

On the opposite face there may be similar decoration but it is greatly weathered. On this side the shaft is divided into three panels with the lowest panel having interlace. There is also a narrow band of interlace on the sides of the shaft and on the lower faces of the ring.

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