Cloghram Corn Mill

Map Reference: J406390 (3406, 3390)

This small corn mill was built before 1836 when the wheel was noted as having a diameter of 14ft and a breadth of 2 and a half feet. The fall of water was 19ft. It was also noted that there was not a sufficiency of water.

The Industrial Archaeology of County Down, published in 1963, gives the following description:

‘The buildings are of silurian masonry, roughcast and whitewashed. The mill was extended towards the SW at some date so that the wheel is now an internal one. It is abreast wheel, 16ft in diameter, and 4ft wide, made of cast iron and with wooden buckets. The mill has been driven successively by a steam engine, a gas engine and electricity, but has finally reverted to water power. The kiln is across the road in the farmyard.’

I visited the mill in 1983, at which time the pond had been drained and the mill was no longer in use. Since that time it has been converted into a dwelling and, presumably, all the machinery has been removed.

All the photos on this page were taken in 1983

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