Clonduff Church, Ballyaughian

Map Reference: J228294 (3228, 3294)

Location: On B27 about 2km ENE of Hilltown

St Mochoemoc was abbot of the monastery at Clonduff but nothing else is known about him or his monstery. The main feature of the site today is the ruin of a church possibly of 16th or 17th century date. It was a rectangular building measuring about 21m by 7.5m internally with walls up to 1m thick in places.

In most parts it is reduced to low walls or foundatons, with the exception of the E gable which stands to full height. It has a large rectangular window opening. This has been rebuilt but some of the original internal splay is evident.

The gravestones are a mixture of 18th and 19th century monuments with some of the earlier inscriptions being very crudely done.

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