Dromore Motte & Bailey

Map reference: J206532 (3206, 3532)

Dromore motte and bailey, in Ballyvicknacally townland, lies in a bend of the Lagan with extensive views along the valley. It is the best-preserved and most impressive example in Ulster of an Anglo-Norman motte and bailey castle. The motte is 16.2m across the top and stands 12.2m high above the inner ditch which is 3.3m deep. There is an outer bank 1.8m high and an outer ditch 1.5m deep. There is a bank about 70cm high around the top of the motte. To the south is a bailey 32m by 29m, with a bank 1.5m high and a ditch about 4m deep. Excavation in 1951 showed that there was a timber palisade surrounding the summit of the motte.

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