Dromore High Cross

Map Reference: J200533 (3200, 3533)

St Mocholmog founded a church at Dromore in the 6th century. It would seem that the diocese of Dromore was not established until a synod of 1192. It was one of the smallest of the Irish dioceses and little is known of its history during the 13th and 14th centuries. The only remnant of an early foundation is the fragment of a High Cross which stands beside the bridge near the graveyard of the present cathedral. Two portions of the original cross were mounted with modern pieces in 1887.

The head and arms of an unpierced ring-headed cross forms the larger piece. There is a large round depression in the centre of the head and four small oval depressions at the corners. There is no other decoration. A portion of the lower part of the shaft is also original. This is richly decorated with fretwork designs similar to those on the Kilbroney cross.

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