Drumena Cashel & Souterrain

Map Reference: J312340 (3312, 3340)

This oval cashel measures about 40m by 33m with walls 3m thick. It was partially excavated in 1925 when the walls were rebuilt. The present entrance is in the north but the original entrance was probably the gap in the east. Within the cashel is a confused jumble of stones which may have once formed the foundations of houses.

Just to the west of centre is modern entrance to a T-shaped souterrain. The original entrance, close to the south wall of the cashel, led to a small wedge-shaped chamber with a ventilation shaft.

The roof of this chamber has been partially reconstructed. Just before the entrance to the chamber, on the left, is a small recess. On the right is a passage, about 14m long and 2m high, leading to the modern entrance.

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