Dundrum Castle

Map Reference: J404369 (3404, 3369)

The place name, Dundroma, suggests an Early Christian settlement on the site and excavations at the castle did uncover some pre-Norman finds. Dundrum Castle is situated on a rocky hill overlooking Dundrum Bay. It was started by John de Courcy about 1177. It was captured by King John in 1210 and granted to Hugh de Lacy, Earl of Ulster, in 1227.

The earliest part is the polygonal upper ward which is surrounded by a substantial rock-cut ditch. The wall is about 1m thick and the ward measures 56m by 40m. The four-storey circular keep belongs to the earliest phase and the twin-towered gatehouse was completed by the early 13th century.

The date of the large lower ward is uncertain. It may be 13/15th century. The castle was said to be ruinous in 1333. The keep was repaired in the 15th century.

In 1636 the castle was granted to Sir Francis Blundell who built the large L-shaped house in the lower ward. It remains as an impressive ruin.

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