Finnis Souterrain

Map Reference: J273442 (3273, 3442)

I haven't taken exact measurements of this souterrain but the total length is about 45m and the height throughout is about 1.4m. The entrance is fitted with a metal door but this appears to be permanently open, except during the wetter months when there is some flooding within the souterrain. A solar panel, just outside the entrance, powers the lights within. It is now one of the most accessible souterrains in Co Down. It features no traps or creeps and it is possible to walk through it at a stoop. About 10m from the entrance a passage about 10m long runs off to the right. About 10m further on a similar passage occurs also on the right. The end of the souterrain is a further 10m on. It is constructed of sharp, quarried stone.

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