Glovet Souterrain

Map Reference: J465372 (3465, 3372)

I first visited Glovet souterrain in 1980/1. At that time the entrance was partly blocked by rubble and I had to wriggle down through a narrow gap along a mound of rubble. The entrance passage soon opened up and the branch on the left was clearly visible. The creep which led to the rest of the main passage was partly blocked by rubble and it was not possible to proceed further. Later in the decade the entrance was reconstructed. Entry is now through a manhole and down a metal ladder to a good passage about 1.5m high by 5m long. The branch to the left is now clear and is about 5m long. It is blocked by a concrete wall a short distance from the inner end. The first creep is a drop hole - rising hole type and is about 1m long. It leads to a fine passage about 11m long by 1.6m high. The second creep leads to a passage about 14m long by 1.6m high. Both passages are about 1m wide. The third creep leads to the inner passage which is about 5m long and wider than the rest. It forms a T-shape with the rest of the souterrain. Some water lies in the longest passage and there is a good ventilation shaft. The second and third creeps involve climbing over a wall about 50cm high and down through a hole into a passage about 50cm high and 1m long. The construction is of sharp-edged quarried stone and is in good condition throughout. I haven't re-visited the souterrain since about 1990. I have been recently reviewing the photographs taken then and I find that the monochrome images illustrate the souterrain best.

The entrance before reconstruction

Looking outwards before reconstruction of the entrance

The first creep looking inwards

The first creep looking outwards

The second creep looking inwards

The second creep looking outwards

The longest passage and third creep looking inwards

The third creep looking outwards

The inner chamber

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