Goward Court tomb

Map Reference: J237297 (3237, 3297)

At first glance the court tomb at Goward appears to be a typical structure. At the NE end of a long wedge-shaped cairn, an asymmetrically placed, semicircular forecourt leads to a three-chambered burial gallery.

The chambers are separated in the usual fashion by jamb stones and low sill stones. A peculiarity of the site is that the walls of the outer chamber are doubled. A second peculiarity is that the back stone of the inner burial chamber is flanked by jamb stones which do not appear to have any function.

Excavations in 1932 revealed no human bones and very little definite Neolithic pottery. Some ox bones and sherds of flat-based pottery were found in the outer chamber. There are several large stones built into the field boundary which may be the remains of another court tomb. About 100m north is a greatly disturbed cairn and on top of the hill is a low round cairn.

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