Map Reference: J247119 (3247, 3119)

This is a royal castle built in the 13th century. It was attacked and taken by Edward Bruce in 1316, attacked at least twice by the Irish in the later 14th century but still maintained as a garrison for Elizabeth in the 1590s.

It is approached across a rock-cut ditch, which excavations revealed to be 7m wide at the top, 3m wide at the base and 3.5m deep.There is a large rectangular keep with three vaulted chambers at the ground floor. It measures 18m by 8.5m internally. It dates mainly from the 13th century with substantial 15th and 16th century alterations.

It was originally entered by a first-floor door on the south, protected by a forebuilding. The ground floor doorway in the west wall is a 15th century alteration. At the first floor level was the great hall with a latrine in the north east corner. The upper levels contain many mural passages and small chambers. There are small roof turrets at the four corners.

The keep was surrounded by a strong wall with corner flankers. Only the bases of two of these flankers remain.

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