Hillsborough Fort

Map Reference: J245586 (3245, 3586)

This monument was probably begun as an earthen artillery fort by Sir Arthur Hill in the 1650s on the site of an Early Christian rath. Later the outer face of the bank was revetted in stone and spear-shaped bastions were erected at the corners. In 1758 the rectangular gatehouse in the centre of the NW wall was remodelled in the Gothick style with four corner towers and a battlemented parapet. At the same time a new entrance was built in the centre of the NE wall and surmounted by a Gothick gazebo. By this time the fort had become a pleasure ground for the Hill Family who had moved across the road to their new house which is now known as Hillsborough Castle. The inner earthen banks are still fairly complete. Excavation has revealed half of the rath ditch.


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