Killough Windmill Tower

Map Reference: J536360 (3536, 3360)

Location: In Killough village, just south of A2

At first glance this sems to be a conical windmill tower sitting on a large octgonal base. Closer inspection shows that the lowest storey of the tower is octagonal and that it is surrounded by the larger octagonal base.

Access to the ground floor is through opposing pointed doorways.

A passagway surrounds the base level of the tower.

There are also doorways at first floor level, above the octagonal base.

The tower has a total of four storeys and is about 11m high. The octagonal base is about 6.5m diameter. There are two sandstone shields on the outer face of the tower but the inscriptions are now illegible. The windmill was built in 1823 and belonged to William Rogan.

Interior of the windmill

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